• Our Custom Lineup Cards are a great way to provide multiple copies of your team's lineup to the umpires, your opponents and your scorekeeper. Practical and affordable, these cards include your school and mascot name across the top of the card along with your player roster with uniform numbers along with your coaches names printed along the side of the card.
  • Each 5.5" x 8.5" lineup card set is printed in black ink on 4 sheets of white/yellow/pink/gold carbonless paper that are glued on the top edge and separate with ease. You write your lineup on the top copy and then you'll have three additional instant copies. Save time and avoid mistakes that can occur when writing out multiple lineup sheets.
  • Cards have spaces for 10 players along with their uniform numbers and defensive positions plus space for subs.
  • Hardback Option: Sets can be printed with a stiffer, heavier card stock as the fourth copy ($10 additional charge per order).
  • Color or Logo Option: We can add a team logo and/or color to your cards at a cost of $5.
  • Blank Lineup Cards: These sets are the same as the Custom Lineup Cards except your team name and roster are not on the cards. In place of the roster, lines are printed for substitute players names.

Custom Lineup Cards:
 (These cards include your team name and printed roster)

  • Pkg. #1: 30 Games - $35.00
  • Pkg. #2: 40 Games - $40.00
  • Pkg. #3: 50 Games - $45.00

Hardback Option:
Add $10 per order for any quantity.

Blank Lineup Cards:
(These cards do not include team name or roster)

  • Pkg. #4: 30 Games - $15.00
  • Pkg. #5: 40 Games - $17.50
  • Pkg. #6: 50 Games - $20.00


     Payment can be made in various manners including:
  • Check or money order
  • Paypal or Venmo
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • We can bill your school or organization (please include purchase order number and billing address)

     We require payment prior to shipping of the lineup cards (unless your school/organization is being billed using a PO). So if you email or fax your order please include a note regarding payment method. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email ( or phone (810.376.3805)


     When ordering our Custom Dugout Lineup Cards, please be sure to include your team roster (player names and uniform numbers) and also your team's name & mascot the way you want it printed on the cards. Rosters will be printed in numerical order unless otherwise requested.
     Please type all information as we cannot be responsible for errors when handwritten information is submitted. This also helps us speed up your order as we try to have a fast turnaround time.
     Simply include all pertinent information when placing your order by email to or by US mail to Doug's Print Shop, PO Box 519, Deckerville, MI 48427. You can download and print an order form below. Please call ahead if you would like to fax your order


2022 Lineup Card Order Form

For your convenience you may view, download and print a copy of our Lineup Card Order Form.



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Sample of Our Standard Softball/Baseball Lineup Card

Click to view the Standard Softball/Baseball Lineup Card with 10 player slots.

NEW!!! Sample of Our Baseball ITP Lineup Card

Click to view the Baseball Lineup Card with the new ITP Section (Ineligible To Pitch).

  • Custom Lineup Card

    Four sheet lineup card is glued at the top edge and has your team's name and roster printed on each sheet.

  • 4-Part Carbonless Sets

    4 sheets: White, Yellow, Pink, Gold

  • Easy

    Write your lineup on the top sheet....

  • Convenient

    ....tear the sheets apart and you have 4 instant copies!